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Your wedding dessert table should complement your theme

There are so many wonderful desserts that are featured at weddings every day. From tasty truffles to decadent macaroons, there are a wide variety of delicious treats that your guests will love and that can also complement your big day. Of course, it may be a consideration to just throw your favorite treats on display, but there is a more organized way that you can go about creating your dessert table.

As you create your dessert table, keep your theme in mind, as it will set the mood for your wedding. From your décor to your food, your theme has such a huge influence on just about everything.

Here at I Thee Wed, it warms our hearts to see couples host their perfect wedding, one that they can continue to be proud of for the many years to come. That is why we have compiled a few tips to assist you in planning a wedding dessert table that will also complement your theme, so be sure to continue reading for some great insight:

·         Rustic. While your delicious desserts are the hook that draws your guests to the table, they are not the only aspect that will create your rustic dessert table. Your decorations are going to sell your table. You can incorporate beautiful décor pieces such as an older looking ladder with lights strung around them, a trusty watering can, burlap and maybe even a cute little chandelier, to add that overall rustic appeal.
·         Vintage. Vintage is such a trendy theme in the wedding world. You can just imagine the gorgeous, sparkling, flapper dresses, the sophisticated feathers and the fun and classy demeanor that the vintage theme can reflect. You can bring that vision to your dessert table with beautiful feathers, classy ribbons, and for a unique touch, vintage framed silhouette profiles, all of which will represent the past eras beautifully.
·         Modern. The modern style has such an air of elegance to it, along with a sleek and sophisticated appeal. With the flashy colors, refined shapes and organization, it is clear why the modern theme is such a desirable style. You can bring this beautiful appearance to your dessert table and really wow your guests by adding flashy and bold colors to your table, accompanied by crystal chandeliers, providing a refined image. You can also incorporate gorgeous gold cake stands to complete the look!

Remember, your guests eat with their eyes first, so creating an appealing display is a great way to draw them in. Here at I Thee Wed, we enjoy working with couples to help them create a magnificent wedding. If you are ready to start your greater Cincinnati area wedding planning, be sure to contact us today.

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