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Your style as the bride will help determine the best wedding dress option for you

As you begin the wedding planning process, one of the most exciting aspects will be finding the wedding dress you have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a sleek and simple design or a magical ball gown, your dress will speak volumes about you and your own personal style as the bride (just as it should). Bridal boutiques of course are very helpful when it comes to determining which dresses will flatter your figure, but knowing ahead of time what types are best for your personal style will assist in narrowing down your options, so be sure to read on to gain some insight: • The traditional bride . A traditional bride is a simple woman who likes clean lines and delicate details. A beautiful option of this classic trait is an A-line or sheath silhouette, as these necklines provide such elegance and class. Strapless gowns also offer as a great choice, as they can be embellished with classy accessories and simple personal touches. • The vintage bride . The vintage bride finds

Be sure you know how to begin the wedding planning process as a newly engaged couple

Every bride and groom has their own style, their own uniqueness, and it should definitely make a statement at their wedding. From the color palette you choose to the music you will play, everything should reflect who are you as a couple, and individually. As you begin the wedding planning process, you first however have to figure out the answers to some key questions, these answers will overall assist you in making various wedding related decisions. We have created an easy to follow guide that will allow you to make sure you can begin your planning process with ease, so be sure to read on for some inspiration: ·          Budget . Your wedding will be centered around your budget, everything you can (and cannot) afford will be decided by the overall amount you have allowed for your big day. o    After you have decided on your total amount available to spend for your wedding, it is important that you make sure you stay within this number. A great way to do this is by creati