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You do not always have an even number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at a wedding, is that ok? We have the answer!

A lot goes into planning a wedding, and most brides and grooms often end up following wedding etiquette that has been around for decades. However, it is now leaving couples wondering if this “etiquette” still needs to be implemented into their big day…The answer is, no! In today’s world there is so much more freedom when it comes to putting together your wedding, and you are most certainly not being judged for the choices you make. Your family and friends will be by your side to support all of your choices, and times are not as they once were where your wedding was supposed to follow certain rules, traditions and timelines. One of the most followed wedding “rules” pertains to your wedding party, and the number of members it includes. Your very close relatives and best friends are the people who become these members, however, one of the most popular questions asked by couples is if their wedding party has to be symmetrical. I Thee Wed has gathered some tips for you to explor

Don’t miss out on incorporating these top 3 wedding flowers into your big day

Preparing for your wedding day takes a lot of attention to detail. Overall, you will be making a wide array of decisions that are all supposed to bring together a comforting and welcoming atmosphere to your wedding ceremony and reception. Did you know that floral arrangements are actually the number one element of décor that brides and grooms choose to utilize today? It’s true! And why shouldn’t it be? Flowers are absolutely gorgeous. As you plan your wedding flowers, keep in mind that there are many varieties, leaving you with a multitude of options!  I Thee Wed has gathered details about the top 3 wedding flowers throughout the decades, so be sure to continue reading to gain some inspiration for your big day: ·           Roses of love . Seeing as roses are acclaimed to be such a popular flower, are you surprised that they are number one on the list of top wedding flowers? Probably not! Meaning love, the rose, especially the red rose, has sustained its role in fi

Provide your bridesmaids with a special “getting ready” experience

Bridesmaids are the ladies you have chosen to stand beside you on one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day. Naturally, you will want to show them your appreciation, and what better way to do that than by providing gifts and a fun environment as you all prepare for your walk down the aisle?! From the time you awake until the moment you say “I Do”, you should plan on being quite occupied. Hair, make-up and Mimosas should be filling your time as you primp and pamper yourself, however, don’t forget that your bridesmaids will also be accompanying you as well as being dolled up themselves. Seeing as the process to get ready can take quite a few hours, you should definitely personalize this experience for you and your ladies. Make this a fun an unforgettable occasion by implementing some creative ideas, take a look: ·          Personalized Tank Tops . Your bridesmaids need to be wearing something throughout the day before they put on their gorgeous dresses, an

Are you having your nuptials in Spring? Make sure you highlight the most popular Spring wedding trends

Spring offers months of fresh air, vibrant flowers and warm breezes, and naturally you will want your Spring wedding to incorporate these traits as well! When planning your wedding, your main focus is usually on the decor and the menu, among many other things, but it is important to remember the little things that too will bring your big day together, such as the trends! Making wedding planning decisions is surely not an easy task, with so many options it can be difficult to choose just one type of flower, or which type of linens will be best for your tables. However, I Thee Wed has gathered some tips that will assist you to with your decision making, while also adding some touches of Spring into your wedding day: ·          Greenery . Along with the vibrant colors of Spring, we all see the bold greenery in the background, and it accents these color palettes beautifully! Greenery works as a backdrop to allow your flowers to stand out as the highlight of the arrangements.