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Your wedding music program can be created with ease by following 3 simple steps – Step 2

Music creates and environment, especially when it comes to your wedding, so it is crucial that you choose the right songs for the right moments within your ceremony. From your walk down the aisle as an unmarried Bride, to your walk back down the aisle as a newlywed couple, you will have many moments that should be highlighted with a song. We all know that music comes in a variety, from classical, instrumental, rock and even rap, so there is no doubt that narrowing down your song choices will not necessarily be an easy task. Most importantly, as you choose your songs, make sure that you keep your wedding guests in mind, so that everyone can be pleased with the taste and style that you have chosen. Every couple wants to feel as though their wedding is the most magical day of their lives, and that their guests too are thoroughly enjoying each and every aspect of it as well. So, seeing as a large highlight of your big day will be the music within the background of your festiviti

Your wedding music program can be created with ease by following 3 simple steps – Step 1

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, not overwhelming! So as you plan your big day, it is a much easier idea to follow simple steps, allowing your planning to become enjoyable and easy. Following steps for certain aspects of your wedding planning, such as choosing your wedding music, will allow these tasks to planned in a less stressful way. Seeing as music comes in many forms, you will be making an array of music decisions for your wedding, such as deciding on genres, upbeat rhythms, slow songs, instrumentals…the list goes on and on. However, when making your decisions, it is crucial that you keep the opinions of your wedding guests in mind. Seeing as you will surely want to make the best decisions regarding your wedding music, so that you can please the ears of all of your guests, you will want to plan it to perfection. Here at I Thee Wed , we have gathered some steps to creating a wedding music program with ease, so be sure to continue reading to learn step 1:

Display your wedding seating arrangements uniquely

Your wedding guests have all joined together to celebrate your big day, however, at your reception, they will certainly want to be seated at times, such as when they enjoy their meal, or to take a break from the dancing. Oftentimes, guests find their seats from a place card, displaying their table number, however, the plain and simple cardstock place cards can be a bit boring for some brides, who would rather bring a unique and creative approach to their elements of décor. Seeing as your place cards are actually a highly important aspect of your wedding reception, as they will notify guests of their seating arrangements, you should consider creating theme to be a prominent element of décor, and stand out in a personalized way. Here at I Thee Wed , our goal is to provide inspiration for your big day, which is why we have gathered some unique ways to display your seating arrangements, so be sure to continue reading for some great ideas: ·          Succulents. Everyone love

Create your wedding cake with ease by following these top tips

When planning your wedding there are so many things that need to be taken care of, so many little details that can’t go unchecked, because if something is missed, it could throw off the entire outcome of your big day. You have to think about your outfit, your bridesmaid’s outfits, your wedding flowers, seating charts and many other tasks. Everything can be a little overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start. Creating your wedding cake is one of the many wedding tasks that will be considered a top priority, but honesty, its creation does not have to be as overwhelming as it seems. Here at I Thee Wed , we want to ensure that your wedding planning flows with ease, which is why we have gathered some top tips to creating a successful wedding cake, so be sure to continue reading for some advice: ·          Choose the best bakery. There are a lot of options when looking for that perfect bakery, as you have the larger chain stores that have a bakery inside, and th

Do your wedding attendants know their duties? - Part 3

You have so many people that are there to help take some of the weight off your shoulders and make your wedding day one to remember. To make sure that you have the right help when you need it, it is important to let your wedding attendants know what their duties are. First, you need to know the responsibilities of your attendants for yourself, so that they can take direction from you and tend to what they will be most helpful with for your big day. So far we have discussed quite a few of the responsibilities that fall on your wedding attendant’s shoulders, after all, they are there to love and support you. Your wedding day can be a stressful day when you are playing hostess, so making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time, and also making sure that you do your part perfectly, will allow your big day to move smoothly. Here at I Thee Wed , our goal is to provide as much information to our couples as possible, so that they can plan their day with ease, whic