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An Independent Wedding Planner vs. an On-site Venue Coordinator

Many couples may feel they do not need a wedding planner if there is an on-site coordinator at their venue. So we've listed some differences of each role to help clear up this misperception. The bottom line is that you need both!! 1. When it comes to coordinating the big day, an on-site coordinator can do so much up to a certain point. The wedding planner will be the one with you throughout the entire day, as well as coordinating your the rehearsal. 2.  On-site coordinators sometimes give vendor referrals which is what an independent wedding planner will do too. But, the wedding planner will attend meetings with you and handle most of the communications with your other vendors. 3. An on-site coordinator is at your venue to represent the property but not represent the bride and groom themselves. 4. An on-site coordinator will make sure that you are getting what was promised in your contract, that the kitchen is fully staffed, that the food is coming out on time and

Yummy Treats for the End of the Night

Are you planning on serving your guests something later in the evening to satisfy that late night craving and help work off the buzz from too many spirits? Well, here in Cincinnati there are more to late night snacks than the traditional candy station or skyline buffet. Take a look at some ideas we gathered to put a creative spin on your late night offerings! No matter what you decide, your guests will appreciate and enjoy having a little something to nibble on late into the evening, not to mention having something to help absorb the libations from earlier in the evening! Graeter's Ice Cream Sunday Station Mini Grilled Cheese Dippers with Tomato Soup Donut Station Smore's Station Mini Milkshakes! Popcorn Station Sweets Station full of Tarts, Mini Cheesecakes and Other Mini Sweets Soft Warm Pretzels with Soda Chocolate Chip Cookie with Milk Shot Dipping Station with Chips Mini Pizza Slices Mini Burgers with Fries