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Do not overlook any details as you plan your wedding

It can be so much fun to plan your wedding. To show who you and your partner are as a couple, and to celebrate your passions and relationship together, is such a wonderful occasion. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, from your cake to your d├ęcor. The list of creative possibilities does not seem to end.

Plan your wedding cocktail hour to perfection

You are looking absolutely stunning, in your gorgeous gown, beautiful makeup, and darling hairstyle. After joining hands with your partner, who also looks beyond wonderful, and vowing to love each other forever, in sickness and in health, it is time for cocktail hour! You have just put on the ceremony of a lifetime, brought your guests to happy tears, and now it is time for you to take those gorgeous wedding photos and kick back with your loved ones.

Your wedding dessert table should complement your theme

There are so many wonderful desserts that are featured at weddings every day. From tasty truffles to decadent macaroons, there are a wide variety of delicious treats that your guests will love and that can also complement your big day. Of course, it may be a consideration to just throw your favorite treats on display, but there is a more organized way that you can go about creating your dessert table.