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Wedding Day Photos

If you are a couple who is deciding to see each other before the ceremony, unless you have a 2-3 hour gap of time between the ceremony and reception, you know that you will have more time for creative photography of you and your wedding party. Therefore, don't be afraid to try new things, bring in props and most of all HAVE FUN and enjoy spending the day with your wedding party before you say i-do! If you're a couple who is still indecisive about having a first look, here are some pluses to each that might help you make a decision. First Look: Being able to relax together before the ceremony Having a private moment alone Limited or no photographs after the ceremony More time for creativity from your photographer with a longer sessions before the ceremony Better lighting in the afternoon Time for more than one location No First Look: The surprise factor when the bride walks down the aisle Beginning your wedding day a little later in the morning You won't be g