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Do your wedding attendants know their duties? - Part 2

There are quite a few wedding attendants that might slip your mind when you think about all of the people who can help you on your big day, but you should certainly make sure that none of them are forgotten! Your wedding members are there to love and support you, and, in some cases, such as the ring bearer and flower girl, add a little cuteness to your wedding day.

Last week, we discussed the roles and responsibilities of a few of your wedding attendants. This week, I Thee Wed has gathered information on a few of your other popular wedding attendants and what their responsibilities are for your big day, so be sure to continue reading to gain even more knowledge:

           Father of the Bride. Viewed as Mr. Money Bags, the father of the Bride traditionally shells out the cash to make sure his little girl’s wedding is as great as she has always hoped it would be, however, today, couples are often paying for their wedding themselves, so this is something you can decide on as a family. In addition to paying for the big day, the father of the Bride is also adorned with the wonderful duty of walking his daughter down the aisle, as well as toasting to their new marriage at the wedding reception.
·         Father of the Groom. In today’s world, it is becoming more popular for the father of the Groom to help pay for large parts of the wedding as well, such as the rehearsal dinner. However, he can also offer his assistance with more “manly” tasks, such as moving furniture around or escorting any guests with mobility issues, anything that can lend a helping hand, and ensure that each of your guests is comfortable on your big day. Most importantly, it is favorable if he offers moral support for the father of the Bride, as it can be an emotional time.
·         Flower girl. Flower girls add their own little cute factor to your wedding ceremony. Scattering flower petals that kiss the feet of the Bride as she walks down the aisle is the flower girl’s main trait. However, do not forget that this position is not restricted to girls only, as boys can do just as well and will bring their own charm to the ceremony.

·         Ring bearer. If you have a young boy, usually they are around 4 to 8 years of age, who you wish to be in your wedding, you can have them carry your rings down the aisle as your ring bearer. Walking down the aisle, either before or with your flower girl, the ring bearer carries a pillow that has your wedding rings, delicately tied to it, keeping them safe as you prepare to place them on each other’s finger. Traditionally, the ring bearer is a boy, but a girl can do the job just as well. 

When your wedding day arrives, every one of your wedding attendants will have a role, all of which will assist you and support you as you prepare to say “I do”.  Here at I Thee Wed, we would also love the opportunity to assist you in creating an easy and fun wedding planning experience, so be sure to contact us today, as we can’t wait to bring your greater Cincinnati wedding visions to life. 

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Photo credit for photo 4: Leppert Photography


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