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"Wow" your wedding guests by creating a fabulous reception

Your wedding day is already a magical occasion for you and your partner. Your guests have likely been to many weddings, all with a dazzling white cake, pretty flowers, and enjoyable entertainment. They have attended many weddings that are all too similar and have an idea of what they are in for.

However, your wedding day can be fun and exciting, and it can break the traditional mold for weddings everywhere.

Here at I Thee Wed, we understand how important it is for your guests to enjoy your big day as much as you do. That is why we have put together a few intriguing ways for you to “wow” your wedding guests by creating a fabulous reception. If you want your guests to experience a one-of-a-kind wedding, then be sure to continue reading to learn more.
·         Comfort. Now that you and your partner have tied the knot, it’s time for your photo shoot. It can be a lot of fun to take wedding photos with your best friends. However, for those who aren’t included in the photos, waiting upwards of an hour, can be daunting. Don’t make your guests wait awkwardly for you and your wedding party to finish your shoot. You can make things more enjoyable with comfortable seating, some delicious drinks, and a little musical entertainment, such as a jazz session, to take their minds off the wait. This will also encourage your guests to mingle and form new bonds.
·         Lighting. There is a lot you can do to spice up your wedding with unique lighting. Granted, there is a lot of décor you can work with to create an extraordinary display. However, lighting is a huge part of decorating your wedding. It provides much needed light, especially for specific situations, but it can also be used to take your wedding venue from pretty, to stunning. Lanterns are also a lovely form of lighting décor and also offer a wide range of variety. Surely you will find a lantern that fits your wedding day like a glove.
·         Entertainment. Your wedding entertainment requires a lot of thought. There are many different forms, such as DJ or a string quartet. Your entertainment will be what gets your guests involved in the festivities. They will let loose and enjoy the celebration. This will also be one of the most memorable parts of your big day, as it encourages everyone to have a blast. So, choose your wedding entertainment wisely.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous to hear your wedding guests talking about how incredible your wedding day was? Here at I Thee Wed, we want to help you plan a wedding that will be absolutely magical for you and your partner, but also an unforgettable event for your loved ones. If you are ready to make an impression with your great Cincinnati area big day, be sure to contact us

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